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Altrincham Residential Interior Design

Altrincham Interiors believes that, as interior design creatives, their role is to transform and re-purpose each space - breathing new life into every project. They are a fully-service interior design group that designs homes from concept to completion all over the UK with a reputation for beautifully balanced spaces that feel refreshingly modern and endlessly classic.

Altrincham Interiors projects are based on strong design concepts and great attention to detail. Each of their designs are made stylistically and functionally everlasting with the use of premium materials and craftsmanship. The extraordinary spaces they design are highly detail-oriented and are the sum of carefully curated ideas.

Our process

How we work with you

1. The brief

This is the most important part getting to know you and capturing your vision for your new space.

2. The design

We create bespoke designs tailored to your preferences, breathing life into every project.

3. Collaborative consultation

Getting to know each other is important, no matter what package you require a face to face or visual consultation will take place to go over the design.

4. Roll Out

Enjoy a hands off approach as our talented install team bring the designs to life.

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